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Bi-Annual Sales Achievement Awards 

The Greater Sales & Marketing Council provides a sales awards and top producers honors program on a bi-annual basis to recognize the contributions of dedicated professionals in our industry. There is no entry free to submit for an award and all categories are open to nomination by one’s peers or supervisors.

Show appreciation for your team, colleagues, or peers by nominating them for an award today!

  1.  Rookie Sales Professional 

  2.  Sales Professional under $750,000 Attached 

  3.  Sales Professional over $750,000 Attached 

  4.  Sales Professional under $750,000 Detached 

  5.  Sales Professional over $750,000 Detached 

  6.  Sales Team under $750,000 Attached 

  7.  Sales Team over $750,000 Attached 

  8.  Sales Team under $750,000 Detached 

  9.  Sales Team over $750,000 Detached 

  10.  Online Sales Professional 

  11.  Online Team  

  12.  Shining Star – This can be any employee of any company.   

Submission Timeframes:
  • First Half: January 1 – June 30

  • Second Half: July 1 – December 31

Entry Requirements:
  • Applicants must be current GSMC member

  • Download and fill out the applicable form

  • Submit completed form with candidate(s) head shot (at least 500 pixels wide jpeg format)

  • Submit your entry by the deadline to

Questions?  Email

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